WooBamboo - Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Heads 2pk

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Electric toothbrush users REJOICE! WooBamboo Electric Toothbrush Head 2-Packs are finally here and ready to make your oral care routine even cleaner. Our electric toothbrush heads are proudly 86% less plastic than standard brush heads AND pair with over 90% of Philips® Sonicare® models! They feature soft, dental-grade tapered tip bristles for a gentle, yet deep clean. All WooBamboo brush heads are free of BPA and phthalates. Instructions on how to properly dispose of your new WooBamboo E-Brush Heads are included with every box so that we all play our part in keeping not only our smiles clean, but our planet too!

About the Bamboo:
WooBamboo electric toothbrush heads are made of Moso bamboo, the world’s fastest growing varieties of bamboo. Sustainably grown, ethically harvested, and stronger than most hardwoods (like Oak)! It also is not a part of the endangered Giant Panda’s diet – you’ll find them happily munching on Black, Water, and Arrow bamboo. So, go on and buy with a clean conscience!

About the Packaging:
This 100% biodegradable / home compostable box is plastic-free and ready to rock n’ roll, made of post-consumer recycled paper and printed with soy-based inks, all of which break down completely in nature leaving no toxic trace.
WooBamboo toothbrush heads pair with Philips® Sonicare® base models: 2 Series Plaque Control, 3 Series Gum Health, DiamondClean, EasyClean, Essence+, FlexCare, Sonicare Kids, HealthyWhite, PowerUp, ProtectiveClean, all models starting with HX3, HX6, HX8, and HX9.
WooBamboo - Bamboo Electric Toothbrush Heads 2pk
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