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Pokoloko - Mini Vicuna Beige




  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainable


This little bud is from the camelid family, a relative of the llama. Real vicunas grow small amounts of very fine wool, and with the vicuna only shorn every three years, vicuna wool is of high value and expensive.

In Incan cultural history, vicuna and alpaca fleece was reserved only for Incan royalty. Both the vicuna and alpaca are important animals for Pervuian heritage, and the vicuna is on the Peruvian coat of arms.

Therapy animals bring calm and joy into a space and into your everyday. A great addition for littles as well as for home offices and shelves for the not-so-littles. A little mascot for your day.

Materials 100% sheeps wool, with cotton filling
Measurements 5"H
Origin Peru

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