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WooBamboo - Kids Toothbrush - Super Soft (2pk)

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There’s no age limit on eco-amazingness! Kids love having their WooBamboo toothbrush because of the super soft bristles, fun colors, and small, ergonomic handle that fits perfectly in their hand (Or their parents’). So, it can be used by parents on freshly teethed toddlers and can also be handed off to children who are learning to do it “like a big kid”.


Like all WooBamboo brushes, our kids’ brush handles are made from a single piece of sustainably harvested bamboo, containing no toxins, glues, or paints, and are sealed with a Vegan soybean wax to ensure smoothness and longevity! This toothbrush is completely BPA and phthalate free. It features dental-grade super soft bristles that are also recyclable if your local facility accepts them.

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WooBamboo - Kids Toothbrush - Super Soft (2pk)
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