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Revolutionize your daily cleansing routine with Oleum Vera's organic Body fresh masks! Using organic ingredients only, you'll be able to make 3 Cellulite Scrubs with epsom salt, lavender buds, and coffee, and 3 Oil Body-Firming Muds with turmeric and white kaolin clay and tamanu oil. How does it work? Cellulite Scrub: - Combine 1.5 tsp coffee with 1sp Epsom salt - Add 0.5 tsp hot water and mix well - Apply for 10 minutes and rinse Body-Firming Mud: - Mix 1.5 tsp turmeric clay with 0.5 tsp water - Add contents of 1 capsule tamanu oil and mix well - Apply for 10 minutes and rinse Contents: - 3 Coffee Cellulite Scrubs with coffee, Epsom salts, and lavender buds - 3 Tamanu Oil Body-Firming Muds with turmeric, white kaolin clay, and tamanu oil


Epsom Salt, lavender bugs, coffee, turmeric and white kaolin clay, tamanu oil

Oleum Vera - Fresh Mask Body
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