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Oleum Vera - Fresh Mask Anti-Acne

Oleum Vera
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Revolutionize your daily cleansing routine with Oleum Vera's organic Acne treatment face masks! Using organic ingredients only, you'll be able to make 3 Deep Cleansing Masks with white kaolin clay and calendula flowers, and 3 Skin Balancing Masks with white kaolin clay and tamanu oil. Your skin will be soft and smooth in no time with these Fresh Beauty twist-off capsules! How does it work? To help you achieve the healthiest skin cleansing routine in an easy, fun manner, we’ve created these 2-ingredient capsules with enough ingredients to make three masks per capsule. All you need to do is infuse the calendula petals in water, then combine the infused water with the white kaolin clay (add gradually to achieve your preferred consistency) in a small receptacle. When using the organic tamanu oil, little to no water is required for the mask, depending on personal preference. Contents: - 3 deep cleansing masks containing white kaolin clay and calendula petals. - 3 skin balancing masks containing white kaolin clay and tamanu oil.


White kaolin clay: an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory organic clay used to fight acne and regulate hormonal imbalances. Calendula petals: these dried marigold (calendula officinalis) flower petals also have anti-inflammatory properties and will soothe itchy skin, making them useful to treat wounds, cuts, rashes and eczema. Tamanu oil: this oil has many healing properties and is very useful in fighting acne and reducing the appearance of scars by helping with cicatrization.

Oleum Vera - Fresh Mask Anti-Acne
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