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Earth to Body - Tamanu Cream

Earth to Body

Earth to Body


  • Free of Harmful Chemicals
  • Made in Canada


Contains eco-certified plant-based pure tamanu oil in handmade, non commercial base. Excellent for all skin types, men and women, especially normal to oily. Soothes, calms skin, reduces discolorations, fine lines. Exceptional testimonials on acne, rosacea, damaged skin. Non-comedogenic, allowing skin to breathe, regenerate and relax. Gentle palmorosa scent . Nutritious essential oils only. No fragrances or synthetics. Contains exceptionally good natural weather protection. Best used daily due to shelf life. Or keep in fridge. Clean with a healthy soap before moisturizing to ensure optimum skin nutrition


distilled water, sweet almond oil, cocoa palm, apricot oil, cocoa butter, calendula, comfrey, jojoba oil, glycerin, tamanu oil, Vitamin E, Lemonseed Extract, palmarosa, white grapefruit Oil, camellia seed oil, vitamin e

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