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Lumière de Sel - Cone Shape Tealight Holder

Lumière de Sel
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Beautiful pink salt from the Himalayan Mountains formed into a variety of eye-catching shapes. With the same benefits as our Salt Lamps, tealight holders are ideal in your home or work place. This natural ionizer reduces the amount of positive ions in your environment, providing cleaner air and a healthier atmosphere. The natural warm glow of the tealight brings feelings of tranquility to any room.
Features & Benefits:
- Helps clean and purify the air - Reduces electromagnetic pollution - Known to improve mood and concentration - Helpful for asthma and upper respiratory problems - Has a soothing and calming effect - Helps alleviate feelings of depression - Reduces fatigue - Assists with natural healing processes

Lumière de Sel - Cone Shape Tealight Holder
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