Breathe Green - Shoe Odor Remover

Breathe Green
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The breathegreen eco-friendly charcoal bag works naturally to remove odors & allergens/prevent mold & mildew. Simply place the bag in or near shoes, gym bags luggage, suitcases, cars, bathrooms, freshly painted walls, fridges, et. Every month, leave the bag out to rest in the sun for an hour to 'refresh' the bag, making it ready to use again! After 2 years of fresher air, simply cut open the bag and sprinkle around your garden to improve soil quality! Keeps food fresher by absorbing moisture, bacteria & mold before the spoil food. Wicks moisture out of the air, keeping things like shoes & gym bags dry, preventing odors before they start!


Activated Bamboo Charcoal

Breathe Green - Shoe Odor Remover
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