• Organic, fair trade, and vegan chocolate for Easter? Yes please! Available at terra20 in Ottawa and beyond!

    Organic, fair trade, and vegan chocolate for Easter? Yes please! Available at terra20 in Ottawa and beyond!

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    For many shoppers, terra20 is the first place they turn for beauty products that are free of harmful chemicals, and affordable non-toxic cleaning products that will help everyone breathe easy, but did you know terra20 is a great source for Easter chocolate as well?

    We have it on good authority that when the Easter Bunny is working overtime, terra20 is THE source for organic, fair trade, and vegan chocolate.

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  • Eco-Friendly Travel Products for your next Vacation

    Eco-Friendly Travel Products for your next Vacation

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    By Rebecca Stanisic from a little bit of Momsense

    March Break is beginning soon for families in the Ottawa area, and I know many people across the City are anxious for winter to be over and for the nicer weather to return. I suspect that summer travel plans are readily being discussed too. This month is the perfect time to focus on greening our travel products and looking towards more earth friendly options when packing our suitcases. I have several trips planned – with my family and by myself for work – over the next few months. Here are some of my favourite, must-pack products that happen to be eco-friendly as well (and I love them even more because of it!)

    For the Flight

    When packing my carry-on bag or purse there are a few items that I like to have on hand. Of course we  won’t want to forget things like snacks, gum and headphones (for the entire family – air travel is not the time to encourage kids to share!) These are essential. But there are a few other helpful items to keep on hand. For example, a little bit of hand sanitizer will make you feel a bit better about airport germs when you are on the go, especially when the kids want to toTravel products, John Masters, Schmidts, Dr. Bronner'such everything while you wait to board the plane. 

    I also like to pack a mini deodorant (I love this mini Schmidt’s Bergamot Lime which comes in either the pot or stick format) because flight delays and cramped quarters don’t make for the freshest travel moments; being able to reapply when you land after being at the airport or in the air for hours feels amazing. 

    Lastly, it’s a good idea to remember carry-on restrictions when it comes to liquids, so having a few mini bottles that meet regulations to fill up with your favourite sunscreen or hand lotion is a good plan.

    For the Beach and Sunny destinations

    It’s essential to pack sun hats, and clothing to help protect you and the kids when in the sun but a great sunscreen is also very important to remember. I love the ThinkSport sunscreen for the entire family. The Goddess Garden spray sunscreen may make it easier to spray and rub on the kids when they are itching to go back to play in the sand. Choosing an effective, but eco-friendly sunscreen isn’t just about protecting ourselves from sunburns and harsh chemicals, it’s also about protecting our oceans. There has been great concerns that the chemicals in many sunscreens are causing damage to coral reefs, to the point where resorts (like these in Hawaii) are handing out coral reef safe sunscreen. Our sunscreen decisions have a wider impact beyond just ourselves.

    Finally, there are a few other small items that you can tuck in your beach bag. Toss in some hair detangler for after a long day of swimming (it can be used as a leave in conditioner too). Don’t forget a lip moisturizer with an SPF. And keep a sunscreen stick handy (we love travelling with this). This Substance baby sunscreen stick is not only for babies. My entire family (adults and school-aged children) use it to ensure the most sensitive and exposed parts of our face (our noses and cheek bones) get extra sun protection. I like to keep this in my purse for when we are walking around on a hot day, not just for the beach.

    Before your next vacation, consider making the switch to more eco-friendly travel products that will be better for the earth and our bodies.

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  • From thoughtful to sensual, Valentine’s Day gift shopping is easy at terra20

    From thoughtful to sensual, Valentine’s Day gift shopping is easy at terra20

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    If you desire the perfect gift for your Valentine this year, say “I love you” with an eco-friendly, sustainable gift from terra20. You’ll be treating them to a luxurious, intimate gift and making an earth-friendly shopping purchase at the same time. Forget the usual drug store boxed chocolate and last minute gifts at an all-to-busy mall. I’ve partnered with terra20 to round up and share up some of our favourite gifts to give (or receive) this Valentine’s Day that will leave a lasting impression filled with passion.

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  • 48 Ways to Stay Active this Winter

    48 Ways to Stay Active this Winter

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    I know I’m from Perth, and this is only my third winter EVER, but I’m still gonna put it out there: it’s really tough to stay active in the winter!

    The days are waaaay shorter, sunlight is pretty hard to come by, and it is cold, wet, and slippery out there…

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  • Seven Tips to De-Stress The Season

    Seven Tips to De-Stress The Season

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    When we think about the holidays, it’s easy to picture those idyllic moments: family gathered around the table; friends stopping by to exchange gifts; festive parties full of smiling faces and tasty treats.

    Those moments do happen. But there’s another reality to the holidays. There are long lines and bustling crowds at the mall. Last-minute rushes to fit in errands you never seem to remember. Pressure to have a perfect, tidy home before the guests show up. And of course the inevitable family squabbles or strained dynami

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