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Dry Hair (Rosemary & Lemongrass)
Normal Hair (Lavender & Mint)
Oily Hair (Eucalyptus & Tea Tree)
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Introducing NEW! BEST-SELLING, plastic-reducing, naturally formulated SHAMPOO SOAP BARS. Hair bars for each hair type DRY, NORMAL, or OILY. After months of studying, certifications, and many formulations! Pure Heart Essentials is proud to unleash their environmentally-friendly haircare recipes!


  • DRY HAIR SHAMPOO: is coconut-oil free, pumpkin puree to help moisturize hair. Scented using rosemary & lemongrass essential oils
  • OILY HAIR SHAMPOO: loaded with rich, earthy clays to help remove scalp excess oil. Scented using eucalyptus & tea tree essential oil 
  • NORMAL SHAMPOO: filled with golden, jojoba oil to help feed hair & scalp back to happy. Scented using lavender & mint essential oils 
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