Nature Clean - Oxygen Liquid Bleach

Nature Clean
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Say good-bye to bleach that smells horrible, burns your skin, and has to be kept on a high shelf away from unsuspecting family members. Say hello to an all natural alternative. Nature Clean Liquid Bleach whitens and brightens without any life-threatening chemicals. Traditional chlorine bleaches contain sodium hypochlorite, an extremely dangerous oxidizer. Bi-products of the oxidation reaction are seriously corrosive. Chlorine solutions will burn skin and cause lung, nasal passage, skin and eye damage.
Nature Clean's Liquid Bleach is a chlorine-free formula created from hydrogen peroxide (also known as oxygenated bleach), one of the most environmentally safe chemicals on the market. It works by releasing oxygen to perform the bleaching process, and converting itself into simple H2O (water and oxygen) once the process is complete. Safe for you, your family and our environment. Naturally formulated without chlorine, phosphates, enzymes, perfumes, this liquid bleach degrades fully without using up the oxygen supply of surrounding aquatic life.


Water, hydrogen peroxide (5% active, which is as strong as it can be for fabric care.)

Nature Clean - Oxygen Liquid Bleach
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