Attitude - Natural Air Purifier Green Apple & Basil

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Did you know charcoal is one of nature’s most powerful filters? Who knew something so dirty could make living so clean? Breathe easier knowing ATTITUDE's Natural Air Purifiers use activated carbon from charcoal for a worry-free way to clean your home of odours and pollutants. Using plant-based extracts, it'll fill your room with the sweet aroma of green apple and basil for relaxation, zen and wondering. Enjoy for up to six weeks (depending on room size). Benefits: - Traps air pollutants and releases natural fragrances. - Contains activated carbon to trap particulate matter and other air pollutants. - Contains resin to neutralize odors (not mask them) for a long-lasting effect. - Free of potentially harmful artificial fragrances, phthalates and preservatives such as parabens, formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasers. - Made from plant and mineral-based ingredients. - Allows easy control of intensity with adjustable vents.


Natural plant-derived fragrance, Activated carbon (air purifier) Resin (odor neutralizing and fragrance releaser)

Attitude - Natural Air Purifier Green Apple & Basil
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