Demes - Get The Funk Out Cedarwood Orange 118ml

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Made with a blend of essential oils that pack a deodorizing and germ fighting punch.  A great air and fabric freshener that can also be used as a body deodorant spray.

  • Effective as a deodorant and deodorizer
  • Spray your face mask after every use to sanitize and deodorize
  • Hand rinse-less wash and purifier
  • Fabric deodorizer for items you can't wash including clothing, shoes
  • Strong enough for household items, safe to use on your body
  • Multi-use and multi-purpose makes it a great eco-friendly product
  • Deodorize shoes, yoga mats, sports equipment and more.


alcohol/alcool, distilled water/eau distillée, Hamamelis virgiana (witch hazel/hamamélis) distillate, , vegetable glycerin/ glycérine végétale

SCENTS (using essential oils or flavour oils

Demes - Get The Funk Out Cedarwood Orange 118ml
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