Below FAQ are some common inquiries about our ecobar.
The ecobar works in 3 simple steps: choose a non-toxic cleaning or personal care product from the ecobar, use the product, and return the same bottle to a terra20 location for a discounted refill!
Ah yes, we get this one a lot...we are unable to refill other containers for two simple reasons: ingredients and cross-contamination. First, we want to ensure full transparency about what’s in our products! Other containers won’t include labeled ingredients lists for ecobar products. Second, we have no idea what was previously stored in that container and what may happen when a product from the ecobar is introduced to it. Cross-contamination can lead to some unwanted chemical reactions that we would prefer to avoid.
Although we are currently sourcing a glass bottle option, we use plastic to get the most mileage out of our ecobar bottles. Did you know these bottles can be reused for up to 10 years?! That’s a lot of plastic diverted from landfills.
ecobar bottles can be refilled and reused for up to 10 years!
The terra20 ecobar products can be stored for up to 2 years.
The only lake-safe ecobar brand is Carina Organics...for now.
Absolutely! Doesn’t matter where it was purchased - as long as the product is offered at the ecobar we’ll gladly refill it.
>1L = $0.75 / 1L = $1.00 / 2L = $2.00 / 4L = $4.00
Nope - not until we can find a way to do so without seriously increasing our carbon footprint. Think of all that shipping!
Yes! The discount you receive will be for whichever size of bottle you purchase. So if you want to upgrade from a 1L to a 2L, you’ll save $2.00. BUT, if you want to downgrade from a 2L to a 1L, you’ll only save $1.00. Sorry Jack!
You can refill your ecobar products at any terra20 location! Find your store here.
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