Nature Clean - All-Purpose Cleaning Lotion

Nature Clean
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This is not your average All Purpose Cleaner. It can be used for everything from laundry liquid to hand dishwashing to cleaning Fruits & Vegetables. This was Nature Clean's very first product - developed way back in the early 60's (when All Purpose really meant All Purpose!). Formulated without Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate or Cocamide DEA, both of which are widely found in other traditional cleaning products and are suspected carcinogens. Free of harsh formaldehyde based preserving agents, solvents, dyes and perfumes. It's manufactured from corn and coconut derived ingredients. Use for washing dishes, light duty cleaning around the home, even in your laundry!


Water, fatty polyglycoside (from corn starch and palm kernel oil), cocobetaine (from plant source), cocodimethyl amine oxide (from coconut), cellulose colloids (from wood and cotton), sodium gluconate and sodium hydroxymethyl glycinate (preservative based on glycine, a naturally occurring amino acid).

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Nature Clean - All-Purpose Cleaning Lotion
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