X10 Whitening Detergent Unscented - 45+ Loads




  • Free of Harmful Chemicals
  • High Efficiency
  • Made in Canada
  • Vegan
  • Waste Reducing


Unique Benefit: colour safe. Whiten and Brighten your wardrobe with a powerful and colour safe whitening detergent. This concentrated enzyme formula fights stains while the scent of ocean pine keeps things fresh.
Features & Benefits:
- All water temperatures. - No Dyes, SLS/SLES and 1/4 Dioxane. - No fillers, sulfates, phosphates, ammonia, bleach, EDTA, animal ingredients. - Size: 450g.


Sodium carbonate=chelator,sodiumpercarbonate=oxygen cleaner,sodium citrate=plant based water softener,tetrasodiumiminodisuccinate=water softener,alcohol c12-15 ethoxylated=plant-based surfactant,proteaseenzymes=dissolve proteins,amylase enzymes=dissolve starches,cellulase enzymes=dissolve paper and tissues,mannanase enzymes=remove gum, adhesive, sauce stains,sodiumdodecylbenzenesulphonate=surfactant,scented with essential oil=oceanic breeze: citrus aurantifolia oil, cymbopogonschoenanthus oil, citrus limon peel oil, citrus nobilis oil, canangaodorata flower oilpine oil: pinuspalustris oil,polymeric salt=antiredeposition agent,alcohols c10-12 ethoxylatedpropoxylated=plant-based surfactant

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