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Rumidifier - Wall Room Humidifier

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This room humidifier model from Rumidifier is designed to be used on the wall vents to provide you with steady flow of moist air. RD30 comes with an attractive vent grill and the clear water tanks makes it easy for you to monitor the water level. As with our other models this unit as well is cordless, compact, lightweight, non-electric and installs quickly and easily over your existing vent openings on the wall.

  • Extremely Energy efficient The operating cost is ZERO as Rumidifier does not require electricity to operate.
  • Eco-friendly Rumidifier is an eco-friendly option because it re-uses the existing air flow from forced air furnaces and requires no electricity to operate. Re-cycled paper packaging and absolutely no plastic used in packaging.
  • Green & Sustainable Rumidifier is manufactured with durable plastic and never breaks down to end up in landfill.
  • Cordless - No annoying or dangerous power cords in your way. Rumidifier does not run on electricity and therefore is not connected by a cord to a power outlet.
  • Noise-free Without an electric fan or moving parts, Rumidifier operates noise-free and efficiently.
  • Affordable Rumidifier is very affordable ($39.95 suggested retail price) - retailing for much less than conventional humidifiers.
  • Safe Rumidifier operates without any requirement for electricity, moving parts or a fan, which makes it very safe to operate in a home environment with young children or pets.
  • Compact & Lightweight Rumidifier requires only a small portion of floor space, fitting over the floor vents. The unit is also made of light-weight, durable recycled plastic for easy cleaning and handling.
  • Easy to Install - Rumidifiers modular and simple design enables customers to easily assemble the Unit.
  • Easy to Maintain Unlike other humidifiers in the market, Rumidifier is easy to maintain and never breaks down as there are no electrical motors or moving parts.
  • Empty Water Tank Indicator The water tanks are made of clear plastic making it easy to monitor the water level. The water tank will displace from its base, popping out automatically when the tank is empty and indicating the tanks need to be re-filled.
  • Built-in ON/OFF mechanism Rumidifier only humidifies the room when your furnace is on and circulating dry air. So Rumidifier never over humidifies or under humidifies your rooms.
  • Rumidifier - Wall Room Humidifier
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