Poo Pourri - Set In-a-Pinch 5pk – terra20

Poo Pourri - Set In-a-Pinch 5pk

Poo Pourri

Poo Pourri


  • Free of Harmful Chemicals


Whether you're headed to the beach, city or mountains, chances are you'll be sharing cramped quarters with friends or family. Don't get caught in a pinch.

Gift set contains: 10mL Original Citrus (lemon + bergamot +lemongrass), 10mL Lavender Vanilla (lavender + vanilla + citrus), 10mL Lavender Peppermint (lavender + peppermint + citrus), 10mL Tropical Hibiscus (hibiscus + apricot + citrus), 10mL Vanilla Mint (vanilla + mint + citrus). 


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