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Giddy Yoyo - Raspberry 72% Dark Chocolate Bar

Giddy Yoyo

Giddy Yoyo


  • Fair Trade
  • Green Certification
  • Made in Canada
  • Vegan
  • Organic


Giddy Yoyo has sourced the most brilliant off-the-charts incredible raspberry and combined it with their 72% dark wild chocolate. They go one step further and sprinkle raspberry on the backside, just for fun and because it's so pretty. This bar will not disappoint and will leave you craving for more!


Love & Gratitude, *Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Paste, *Raw Unrefined Cane Juice Crystals, *Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Butter, *Raspberry, *Coconut Oil, Vanilla Beans, Mountain Salt. *Certified Organic by ECOCERT CANADA
*Certified Organic by ECOCERT CANADA

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