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Pokoloko - Alpaca Hand Warmers Bella Harvest




  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainable


Peruvian alpaca is a natural, technical fiber with remarkable thermal properties - allowing air circulation on warm days (prevents sweating), and heat insulation on cool days (contains heat). These hand warmers feature a composition of solely baby-alpaca, which means that it’s made with hair from the very first sheer of an alpaca. Alpacas are shorn once per year, and the hair from the first sheer of an alpaca is remarkably soft. This is an ethical and humane process; no animals are ever harmed for Pokoloko products. They’ve woven this luxury fibre into a timeless design, with colours that complement your outerwear, or indoor wear while you work from home.

As a bonus, alpaca is one of the Earth's most sustainable fibres to make, because alpacas and alpaca fibre harvesting have a very low environmental impact. A seasonal staple for your wardrobe, great for the active enthusiast, lovers of layers or for cooler weather wanderings.

100% Peruvian baby alpaca

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