Goo-Goo Baby - Pink G2 Stainless Steel Bottle System

Goo-Goo Baby

Goo-Goo Baby


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The G2 WAVE Stainless Steel Grow Bottle System With Silicone Sleeve is designed to take your little one through all stages of development. The 12oz/350 ml bottle is made from 100% recyclable, high-quality, food-grade stainless steel so it doesnt need a synthetic lining like aluminum bottles. It is also completely BPA-free and wont leach chemicals, toxins, or funky flavours into your babys beverages. Goo Goo Baby has cleverly designed a thick silicone sleeve to keep hands from getting cold, eliminate surface condensation and protect the bottle if it hits the floor. Its designed for small hands too, making it easy to hold. The best part is that everyone in the house can use them! Each system includes: 1 350ml stainless steel bottle, 1 silicone bottle sleeve, 1 silicone nipple for babies, 1 silicone soft sippy spout for toddlers, 1 universal BPA free wide-mouth adapter for nipples and soft sippy spouts, 1 BPA-free nipple adapter cover with fluid measurements on the side, 1 BPA free no-leak sports lid for ages 3+ with handle, 1 stainless steel looped lid with bonus carabineer hook to make carrying easy.


Made with high-quality food grade #304 stainless steel. 100% recyclable.

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