Eat Me Alive - Salt Scrub Peach & Ginger Tea

Eat Me Alive
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Well, hello gorgeous! Plump and juicy peach with a hint of ginger tea, it has summer written all over it! The not-so-secret ingredient is rice bran oil, it feels like velvet on the skin. The oil is loaded with Vitamin E which goes deep into the skin to hydrate and make the skin look fresher and brighter. Glycerin locks in the moisturize for a long-lasting smooth and soft feeling. Sea salt provides a coarser texture, perfect to scratch that itch! How to use: Massage scrub in circular motions into warm, damp skin until salt begins to dissolve. Allow to remain on skin for a few moments for absorption. Rinse when desired. Pat dry and enjoy beautiful glowing skin! Eat Me Alive recommends using this scrub on your body only; however to each their own! If you want to use it on your face then do a patch test before. SIze: 230g.


Fine Sea Salt, Glycerine, Rice Bran Oil, Ginger Tea Leaves, Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl Glycol and Sorbic Acid, Fragrance, Vitamin E

Eat Me Alive - Salt Scrub Peach & Ginger Tea
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