La Petite Ourse - Diaper Insert Night Time

La Petite Ourse
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The La Petite Ours Night Time Insert turns any pocket diaper into a night-time diaper. Designed to soak up high volumes of liquid, the incredibly absorbent layers of bamboo will keep your baby dry though the night. It comes with two separate inserts that can be snapped together, worn separately or even folded in different ways. Both having 4 layers of high absorbing bamboo, the smaller insert can be used alone for smaller babies, being replaced by the longer insert for growing babies and finally used together for maximal absorbance for toddlers.This versatile pair of inserts is sure to follow your child's progression and growth! *Please note: This insert tends to shrink and somewhat deform after many washes. To avoid this, stretch the fabric by pulling on both extremities of the inserts right after the wash before you air dry or machine dry.

La Petite Ourse - Diaper Insert Night Time
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