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Earth Mama

Earth Mama


  • Green Certification
  • Vegan
  • Organic


It's great to be expecting an angel, but while your body is preparing for your gift from heaven, your tummy feels like it's doing jumping jacks! When every little smell is suddenly a challenge and those morning queasies often last all day long, USDA certified 1% organic, certified Kosher, ginger-minty Morning Wellness Tea is a comforting way to help get you through the day!
Blended with stomach settling ginger root and spearmint, a safe hint of peppermint, and soothing chamomile and lemon balm with just a yummy twist of orange peel for flavor. All Earth Mama Angel Baby teas are naturally caffeine free, in biodegradable, easy to brew tea bags with compostable overwrap, and the 1% recycled and recyclable cartons were produced using wind energy. Steep, sip and enjoy!


Organic ginger root, organic spearmint leaf, organic chamomile flower, organic orange peel, organic lemon balm leaf, organic peppermint leaf.

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