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Lumière de Sel - Sphere Salt Lamp

Lumière de Sel

Lumière de Sel


  • Sustainable
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Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps are known to naturally produce negative ions, which help to cleanse and purify the air. Lamp’s glow also has a relaxing effect, making it ideal before bed and for meditation. Other benefits include: Reduces electro-magnetic pollution, Known to improve mood and concentration, Helpful for asthma and upper respiratory problems, Helps alleviate feelings of depression, Reduces fatigue and Assists with natural healing processes. The smooth surface of the sphere brings out the marble-like swirls of colour that are natural to the salt. Due to its natural formation, each lamp is a uniquely beautiful combination of pink, orange and white – no two are the same!


Ethically harvested, 100% pure Himalayan crystal salt

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