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Buck Naked Soap Company - Juniper + Spruce Holiday Set

Buck Naked Soap Company

Buck Naked Soap Company


  • Free of Harmful Chemicals
  • Green Certification
  • Made in Canada
  • Vegan


Scent incites memory, and holiday inspired scents flood us with wonderful recollections of family and friends. This year, Buck Naked has developed a new scent profile with Juniper + Spruce which, you will want to carry though your house and into the bathroom. This gift set features a Juniper + Spruce, soap, bath bomb, salt soak and candle. Give this set as a gift, or keep it for yourself to bring your bath oasis to new levels. This set includes a complementary cotton canvas bag! Includes: - 1x Juniper + Spruce Soap - 1x 1x Juniper + Spruce Bath Bomb - 1x Juniper + Spruce Salt Soak - 1x Juniper + Spruce Candle - 1x Cotton Canvas Bag

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