Insulated Food Jar




  • Waste Reducing
Since most food jars are made of mixed materials (think plastic glued to stainless steel, cork with stainless, silicone and plastic…) they will need to become trash if they break or you tire of them. The Goodbyn 12 oz insulated food jar was designed from scratch with the planet in mind. It's 97% recyclable. All of the components can be easily disassembled. Those that aren't recyclable (the cord and silicone seals) can be reused. The food jar should last for years but should it break, it can and should be recycled.

Features & Benefits:

- Made of 97% recyclable materials
- Super easy to use and take care of
- No cracks that grow mold
- Wide mouth opening makes it easy to see when all food is cleaned out
- Size: 12 oz

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