Hanging Drying Rack




  • High Efficiency
  • Waste Reducing
Running out of doors or radiators to dry your clothes on? Or just looking for a solution for drying your knitwear? This Hanging Drying Rack has 4.5 metres of drying space, is easy to set up and fits thin doors, 11 cm thick walls and anything in-between. You’ll be hooked in no time!

Features & Benefits:

- Ideal for all small in-between drying jobs or for flat drying of delicate laundry
- Easy and compact storage - foldable arms
- Stable horizontal attachment - cleverly designed adjustable arms for narrow doors and up to 110 mm thick walls
- Easy to adjust - smart 'lock' remembers last used settings - always ready for use
- Less chance of damage to the door, balustrade, radiator etc. - arms with soft protective material
- Dimensions: 3.5cm H x 68cm W x 44cm D

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