Green Tea & Ginger Box of 6 Guest Soaps

LAtelier de Provence

LAtelier de Provence


  • Free of Harmful Chemicals
  • Made in Canada

This highly moisturizing and revitalizing triple-milled soap with essences of green tea and ginger will leave your skin feeling, cleansed and hydrated. Blended with enriched natural botanical oils of soya, rice and ginkgo. The therapeutic mysteries of the Orient are brought to you with this exciting line of products infused with the ancient herbs of Tea Tree and Ginger, long valued by Chinese herbalists for their balancing, restoring and energizing properties. This revitalizing herbal formula helps boost the energy level of your mind and body, preparing you for an active and productive day. Blended with Ginkgo, Soya and Rice reputed for their effective skincare properties.

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