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Fusion Brands - WaveSponge Grey

Fusion Brands

Fusion Brands


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The WaveSponge is a modern day multitasking silicone kitchen-cleaning tool. It is not your typical sponge, it features unique wave scrubber washing, and a sturdy nylon scraper for stuck on foods on pots, pans, dishes and even the stovetop. WaveSponge also includes a squeegee to push food off plates into the trash or disposal or to push liquids or crumbs off the countertop into the garbage. It even comes with an internal portal to add and release a squirt or two of dish soap._x000D_ All these purposeful features in the convenience of a single tool and unlike most sponges, the WaveSponge is non-porous, bacteria and odor resistant, and best of all…long lasting for those never ending dirty dishes. WaveSponge is so useful, think outside the kitchen and find uses at utility sinks in laundry rooms, garages and even bathroom sinks. WaveSponge is a multipurpose must-have cleaning tool that is sure to make waves and suds in your sink.

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