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Free2b - Mini Dark Chocolate Sun Cups




  • Fair Trade
  • Green Certification
  • Vegan
  • Organic
$10.79 $9.71


The same delicious recipe and ingredients as the original Sun Cups, but snack-able ,crave-able bite size minis in a re-sealable bag. Save some for later or eat them all at once! All free2b Foods snacks are Top 10 Allergen Free. This means that free2b never allows peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, gluten/wheat, soy, egg, shellfish, fish, coconut, corn, mustard, or sesame in their plant or products. EVER. They are also free from artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, sulphites, GMOs, hydrogenated oils and trans fats. And, because their products are all plant-based, they are also cholesterol free.


Dark Chocolate (Unsweetened Chocolate, Sugar, Cocoa Butter), Sunflower Seeds, Organic Icing Sugar (Evaporated Cane Juice, Tapioca Starch), Cocoa Butter, Sea Salt.

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