Eat Me Alive - Bath Bomb Gem Manchurian Dragon

Eat Me Alive
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What does a manchurian dragon smell like you ask? Fruits, flowers, vanilla and oakmoss all spendidly blended together to bring just the right amount of sweetness and floral notes. These bath bombs are hand-pressed and different from one another. The one you get will be amazing but will slightly differ from the picture. 

How to use: Drop in warm bath water, watch it swirl and give off its beautiful aroma. You can use the whole bomb or carefully chop it in half and get 2 uses out of it. 


Sodium bicarbonat, citric acid, sunflower oil, sea salt, epsom salt, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, potassium bitartrate, polysorbate 80, coconut oil, fragrance, colour (may contain iron oxide, fluorphlogopite, titanium oxide, mica, CI 19140, CI 42090).

Eat Me Alive - Bath Bomb Gem Manchurian Dragon
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