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Attitude - Furry Friends Deodorizing Mist




  • Free of Harmful Chemicals
  • Green Certification
  • Made in Canada
  • Vegan
  • Sustainable


No matter where they follow their snouts, keep your pet smelling fresh between baths and grooming sessions with ATTITUDE's Natural Deodorizing Mist. Hypoallergenic, made from plant- and mineral-based ingredients, and lightly scented with coconut lime, a quick spray will take the smell away!
Features & Benefits:
- Scent: coconut lime. - Deodorizes naturally. - Non-sticky. - Subtly fragranced to be suitable for sensitive pet noses. - Hypoallergenic and suitable for all breeds of cats and dogs. - Surfactants are made from renewable raw materials (plant-derived glucose and fatty alcohols). - Free of sodium laureth sulfate, a surfactant contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals (1,4-dioxane and ethylene oxide). - Free of potentially harmful preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, parabens, formaldehyde or formaldehyde-releasers, benzyl alcohol, and MIT). - Size: 240 ml.


Aqua (solvant), Propanediol (humectant), Glycerin (humectant), Polyglyceryl-4 caprate (emulsifier), Polyglyceryl-4 cocoate (emulsifier), Polyglyceryl-6 caprylate (emulsifier), Polyglyceryl-6 ricinoleate (emulsifier), Sodium citrate (chelating agent), Zinc ricinoleate (odor neutralizer), Citric acid (pH adjuster), Decyl glucoside (surfactant), Sodium benzoate (natural preservative), Potassium sorbate (natural preservative), Gamma-octalactone (coconut), Decanal (citrus), Terpineol (citrus).

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