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Illume - Demi-Tin Vanity Candle Balsam and Cedar




  • Free of Harmful Chemicals
  • Waste Reducing
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Illume’s gorgeous Balsam and Cedar Demi-Tin Vanity Candle transports you to an enchanted winter forest with balsam and oakmoss mingled with aromatic cedar wood, cinnamon and eucalyptus to ignite the ultimate yuletide moment. Made from their natural soy wax blended with essential oils, this candle comes poured into a delightful printed tin with a gold-rimmed base and slide-off top. The Balsam and Cedar Demi-Tin Vanity Candle is topped with an all-cotton wick. Burn time: 20 hours. 3oz./85g. Natural wax blend, fragrance oil, safety metal wick tab, all cotton wick. INSTRUCTIONS: Trim wick to ¼ inch prior to lighting. Place on heat-resistant surface. Candles will be hot when lit. Keep wax pool free of debris. Do not burn candle for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Wick is non-metal and lead free. WARNING: Burn candle within sight. Burn candle within sight. Never burn candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Always leave at least 6" (15cm) between burning candles. Vessel for decorative use only, not food or drink-safe.

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