Dalcini - Nesting Trio 3pk – terra20

Dalcini - Nesting Trio 3pk




  • Sustainable
  • Waste Reducing


A consistent DALCINI top seller, this trio of stainless steel containers with screw top lids is useful for storing a variety of foods, including acidic, fragrant, or oily foods which can often wreak havoc on traditional food storage containers. Made without the use of lead, aluminum or hormone-disrupting chemicals, and with the use of plastic or silicone, there is no landfill waste. Features: Stores nested with lids for easy storage at home and travel Dishwasher-safe Oven-safe (up to 500 F) Freezer safe No aluminum- no metallic taste No harmful chemicals- No lead, no BPA (or BPA substitutes) All stainless steel construction- No plastic, no silicone, no landfill waste Writable surface (use washable or chalk markers for best results)

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