Coconut Oil For Health and Beauty

Thomas Allen & Sons

Thomas Allen & Sons


Author: Simon McGrath

Coconut oil is an amazing substance that has many health benefits - it helps with weight loss, allergies, skin and health issues, and much more. It is recommended in many health programs and diets, especially the Paleo and raw food diets, and many people are discovering that it is better to use than other oils in cooking.

It can be overwhelming to figure out all of the great uses of this magical oil, but this comprehensive handbook can help. With detailed information on everything to do with coconut oil - the benefits, uses, recipes, and insightful facts—this guide will teach you all about this healthy oil, including:

- How coconut oil is made.
- How to make it at home.
- Skin care recipes for face and body.
- Hair care recipes for damaged, dry, or flaky hair.
- Dietary benefits.
- Coconut oil as medicine.
- Common misconceptions.
- And much more.

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