Butterscotch Milk Chocolate Bar




  • Fair Trade
  • Organic
  • Sustainable
$5.49 $4.39
Camino has created the perfect dessert in a bar format. Think of sweet, salty, creamy and caramel. Once you've tried it, you'll constantly crave it!


- 38% cacao
- Certified organic
- Certified fair trade
- Certified kosher
- Gluten-free
Whole milk powder°, Sugars*° (golden cane sugar*°, whole cane sugar*°), Cacao butter*°, Cacao mass*°, Butterscotch bits° (golden cane sugar*°, whole milk powder°, butter°, glucose syrup°), Ground hazelnuts°, Sea salt (Guérande), Ground vanilla beans*°. Minimum 38% cacao. *Fairtrade certified. °Certified organic.

May contain: Almonds, peanuts.

Contains: Milk, hazelnuts.

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