Bathroom Cleaner

Bio Green

Bio Green


  • Free of Harmful Chemicals
  • Made in Canada
  • Vegan

A multi-surface cleaner for all washable porcelain, metal surfaces and fixtures in bathrooms. Contains a water softener that removes hard-water spots, rust and soap scum. Just spray and wipe. No rinsing needed. (Not a tile, grout or toilet cleaner).Bio Green Crystals are the worlds first doctor endorsed, nutraceutical grade cleaner specifically made for people (meaning it is food-grade safe!). No other commercial and household cleaners can claim to be non-toxic to humans under normal use, AND zero waste. You can rest assured that when you choose Bio Green Crystals, you are using the safest and most environmentally friendly products on the market. From the sustainable packaging material to the biodegradable and water-soluble sachets of crystallized cleaning concentrate, you are treating your family, home and planet with the best possible care they deserve.

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