Arble Whoopsie Hot/Cold Pack




  • Sustainable
Turn tears into smiles with Bucky's Whoopsies, all-natural, cuddly hot/cold packs that help soothe life's bumps and bruises. Each Whoopsie comes with a removable, machine washable embroidered bamboo terry-cloth cover and is filled with premium buckwheat seeds that conform to any part of the body you need it. The secret to Whoopsies is the high-quality buckwheat filling, which releases heat and cold slowly and retains temperature longer than rice or flax. Even better, all Bucky buckwheat is fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizer.

Store your Whoopsies in the freezer for the refreshing relief of a cold pack, or put it in the microwave for 30 seconds for the soothing warmth of heat therapy.

Whoopsies are great for:

- Insect bites.
- Bumps and bruises.
- Sun burns.
- Fevers.
- Summer heat.
- Tummy aches.
- Headaches.
- Sore muscles.
- Winter cold.

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