Animal print All In One Snap Diaper




  • Made in Canada
  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • Waste Reducing
No stuffing, no snapping in of inserts and no folding - simply adjust it to the size of your baby and snap it on. When soiled, remove and store in a wet bag until you are ready to throw it into the washing machine. A beautifully trim diaper with incredible absorption, thank to ultra-performing fabrics made to bummis specifications, that absorb rapidly and hold lots of liquid!

The unique interior pocket:Allows you to choose whether to put organic cotton or a stay-dry fabric against your babys delicate skin.Enables you to add more absorbance simply by adding an insert for nighttime diapering or heavy wetters.Makes it easy to wash out clean and dry fast simply by inverting the diaper! No hidden layers that will trap smelly residues!

The organic cotton fabric on the interior of the diaper is designed to shrink slightly during the first washes and create a natural gusset for a secure and leak proof fit.Comfortable, secure fitting and stretchy elastic around babys legs.Solid snaps of extraordinary quality!

One Size: 8-35lbs
Organic cotton.

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