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Making the Switch Video

Making the Switch: Ana's Story

"If you're thinking of making the switch, I just have one recommendation: just do it. It's easy, it is so easy, it is ridiculously easy."

Have you thought about all the products you wash down the drain? The ingredients aren't always safe for you or the environment. Watch new Mom, Ana's story to see how easy it was to make the switch to healthier, more eco-friendly options:



Making the Switch: Tamara's Story

"You can still have everything you need and look great at the same time, without compromising your time, energy, budget, or lifestyle."

Switching to healthy and sustainable products doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality. Watch Tamara's story on why she made the switch:



Making the Switch: Gina's Story

"It's really uplifting to be able to walk into terra20 and feel confident in the products and the knowledge that the employees provide."

The journey to becoming a more mindful consumer can be liberating. Watch Gina's story as she shares her advice on making the switch to healthier, more sustainable products:




Litterless Lunch

Litterless Lunch Made Easy: Bento Style!

Did you know?

Every year, an elementary student in Ontario send to landfills their own body weight in waste from conventionally packed school lunches. By taking a litterless lunch, you're producing 89% less waste!



Litterless Lunch Made Easy: No More Leaks!

Did you know?

Litterless lunches save money. One Ontario school board calculated that packing a litterless lunch reduced lunch costs by $2.75 per day, or $550 per year!



Litterless Lunch Made Easy: No More Leaks!

Did you know?

As pre-packaged convenience foods often contain higher levels of sodium, sugar, and fat, a homemade lunch is a healthier option.