Hands with Radiance Serum

By Ellie Bianca

As the colours transition onto those glowing orange tones that we look forward to every year, we are reminded of the changing seasons. The effects of this change are not only felt through the cooler temperatures, but also through the skin. With the winter comes, drier skin looking for a boost of moisture and hydration. At Ellie Bianca we care for the whole woman and are committed to formulating products ethically that can carry her skin through every season and leave her with an everlasting glow.

We took time to formulate a luxurious serum that would encapsulate the Ellie Bianca woman. Our Radiance serum with Moringa and Squalane is a delicate balance of ethically sourced, all natural and organic ingredients carefully formulated to replenish the skin of the Ellie Bianca woman in all stages of her life.



At the core of this serum is Moringa, which is highly coveted for its many antioxidants and documented skin-rejuvenating properties. Mixed by mothers in Africa and Asia to both hydrate and replenish their skin, this plant has constituted many African recipes, remedies, and ointments for thousands of years. Moringa has powerful anti-aging properties that protect the skin against free radicals, reducing visible signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties also help improve acne prone skin while reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and scarring. The vitamin E in Moringa works to reduce dryness that directly results from external factors, including the change of seasons and pollution.


Marula Oil

Marula oil, known as the Tree of Life in Africa, is packed with amino acids, making it an excellent emollient for many different skin types. This oil seeps all the way into the dermis, meaning it can get close to the core of the skin and work its magic. Accompanied with Vitamin A for better cell renewal, this ingredient was specifically chosen to restore and lock in hydration to keep the skin looking dewy and supple, bringing the Ellie Bianca woman one step closer to a flawless complexion.

Due to its high oxidation resistance, the naturally occurring antioxidants in this oil remain preserved and resistant to the harshest of temperatures. Its high Omega 6 & 9 content makes this oil a natural anti-ageing moisturizer, perfect for the Ellie Bianca woman looking to bring her glow back following menopause. Its mild antibacterial properties also make this a great ingredient for skin dealing with acne, as it helps inhibit the growth of bacteria.



At Ellie Bianca we stand firmly by our pillar, kind to the earth, meaning we source sustainably harvested Squalane from amaranth grains, an ethical alternative to sourcing from marine animals or even olive oil. At birth, 12% of our skins surface is made of Squalane, which is what makes a bouncy, and youthful complexion. However, overtime our skin begins to lose its natural bounce due to the lack of Squalane. We’ve chosen this ingredient to rejuvenate the skin, boost cell regeneration and enhance the skin’s elasticity – bringing back our natural glowing complexion.


We are fiercely dedicated to formulating products that empower women of all ages to look and feel their best self, naturally. In alignment with this, we have formulated a powerful blend of ingredients that work to deliver moisture, manage wrinkles and restore a natural glow: leaving the skin healthy and supple all season long.


So, this winter as you turn on the humidifier, make sure your Radiance Serum is close at hand to carry you through this winter and the seasons to come.

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