Looks like spring is over, and an early summer has settled in. The thing Canadians wish for all winter long. Can you recall the shoveling? Slushy boots? Salt stains? That thing where your nose hairs freeze and stick when you breathe in? Nah, it's all gone from our memories. Swoosh. Just like that. That’s kind of how I see making changes to our everyday habits in order to live more sustainably. Once you start, implement that change, get your family on board and you’re already there. That one use plastic product you thought you couldn’t live without. Replaced. Swoosh. Just like that. The buying team is constantly hunting to find innovative products to help make those changes easy. New this month? Hold onto your sunhats.

Maple Tea Co.

Feeling that March came in a little like a lion? A brand-new tea line from Maple Tea Co will help with that! The owner James is terra20 alumni, so we have a special spot in our hearts and on our shelves for this beautiful product. He brings us a delicious offering of organic and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified teas. A proud younger sibling to North Brew Coffee, Maple Tea shares a likewise belief that ethically sourced ingredients and a desire to make a difference can and will drive global change. They source all tea directly from the farmers and donate a portion of all profits to the Youth Services Bureau right here in Ottawa. All that and 8 wonderful flavours come beautifully packaged. I think we can all agree. IT IS TEATIME.


Quebec based Holos has a simple story. Friends Steve and Chris, one entrepreneur and one health nut and holistic nutritionist, got together to blend their superpowers to bring us a delicious grab and go breakfast. The perfect mix of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, Omega 3's and probiotics formulated to give you long lasting energy to make you feel fantastic all day long! Four flavours to choose from and easy to make, just add the pre portioned pack to any jar, add your favourite milk or milk substitute and soak overnight. That's right, no cooking. Overnight the magic happens. It minimizes bloat, unlocks more nutrients and creates a meal that is softer on your digestion. Made with organic ingredients, vegan, gluten free and it’s made in Canada. Looks like Holos will be right at home on terra20 shelves!


Attitude Curl Shampoo and Conditioner

Calling all curls! Get ready to take care of those gorgeous manes. Attitude brings you Curl Shampoo and Conditioner, that's right, just for you. Three varieties no less, because all tresses are not equal. Doesn't that make you feel special all you curly haired ones? From Montreal based Attitude this company is a t20 customer fave. They plant a tree for every product sold! Now that really is planting the seeds of a more sustainable future.    

Planta Mixing Bowls

Has anyone decided to eat their way through the pandemic? Our lives have been centered around baking, cooking and learning the art of sourdough. Now that you’ve perfected that, you probably need running shoes but new Planta bamboo fibre and melamine mixing bowls by Now Designs would be WAY more fun. In a set of 5 because who isn’t baking brownies and whipping up some cookie batter while their bread rises?

Danica Pour Over Coffee Set

My mornings? Let me transport you there, they are calm and quiet. I wake, looking refreshed, I have perfect hair. I sling on a beautiful robe and head to the ever clutter less, spotlessly clean kitchen to brew a fresh steaming coffee in the Danica Contour Ceramic Pour Over set. Caffeinating is chic and contemporary, clean and consistent. Perfect coffee for a perfect day….So maybe it doesn’t go exactly like that. I may have exaggerated some of the specific details of my regular morning routine, but I sure can dream it as I sip that coffee made in the matte black glazed ceramic pour over set. It almost makes it real. Almost.

Soda Stream Bubly

Soda Stream. We know this brand, nothing new to see here. Or is there? A very smart way to keep plastic out of landfills and recycling plants while still satisfying those bubbly liquid drinkers, that’s Soda Stream. One CO2 cartridge adds sparkle to 60L of water. That’s 30 2L plastic bottles or 60 1L bottles or 101 of those 20oz single serve bottles. You see where I’m going here right? Once my daughter came home from school after a friend told her it was possible to make pop at home. She couldn’t believe it, accused her friend of lying and came home to roll her eyes at me. Crazy right mom? Oh yes little one, crazy magic. We have been seeing a couple of new faces on the Soda Stream ads of late, say hello to Snoop Dog and Michael Bublé, the latter being the new face of Soda Stream Bubly drops. Clever Soda Stream, very clever. Mike is Canadian so there’s that. If Soda Stream can’t be Canadian at least we have Mike.Bubly drops in flavours like Blackberry, Cherry, Lime, Orange and my personal favourite Grapefruit! 

Soda Stream - Bubly Grapefruit ($6.99)


New to the food shelves at t20, is granola from Oatbox where they believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This, from two entrepreneurs that never took the time to eat nutritiously in the morning have seen the light and are now making it easy for you. Inspired by early bird foodies, made in Canada with organic ingredients, vegan, gluten free and all wrapped up in recyclable packaging. Oh Oatbox, we embrace you at terra20 and so will our customers! Have you ever heard that you should only eat foods with an ingredient list your grandma could understand? Trust me, Oatbox granolas are 100% Grandma approved. One of the flavours? Iced Coffee! What!? Oh yes please that is exactly how I want to start my morning. Yum. 

Oatbox - Granola Iced Coffee 300g ($7.99)


Whatever shade of green you aspire to be we are here to help you reach your eco goals. Single use plastics are yucky, we all know that. Just stop using them. End of. Does that overwhelm you? One step at a time. Toting a snack on a picnic, bringing a lunch to work, storing leftovers with plastic wrap? Nah. Easy to kick that to the curb. From Roll’Eat, food wrappers that are designed to be used over and over again, like a little cozy blanket for your sandwich. Your Sammy is so much happier wrapped in a fashionable fabric wrap, I’ll bet it’ll taste better too. 

Roll'Eat - BocnRoll Tiles Wrap Blue ($13.99)

Turtledove London

If you need just one more reason to cuddle your little ones, wrap them up in the latest offerings from Turtledove London, one of our favourite baby clothing brands. An antidote to mini fast fashion, all their pieces are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Their focus lies in maximizing the lifecycle of their clothing pieces. Sweet designs in simple colour palettes for unisex pieces whose quality allows them to be passed down and down and down. That checks a lot of boxes for the buying team when we are looking for duds for your little ones. An added bonus? This brand offers you sustainable wrapped up in SUPER CUTE. Their bubble rompers are just what the weather is calling for. 

Turtledove London - Mouse Face Bubble Romper ($31.99)

Written by Audra Curley

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