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Dream Designs - Pillow Buckwheat King

Dream Designs

Dream Designs


  • Green Certification
  • Made in Canada
  • Organic
  • Sustainable


Buckwheat-filled pillows allow air to circulate freely, creating a thermodynamic sleeping surface that is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Unlike fiber-filled pillows which pack down, the buckwheat hulls that fill these pillows shift to contour to the shape of your head and neck.

Our Buckwheat Cloud Pillows are made with a layer of wool inside the casing on one side of the pillow. This adds a layer of softness to this firm but flexible pillow, it muffles the sound of the buckwheat hulls, it prevents dust mites from living in your pillow, and it also helps to equalize body temperature and humidity by wicking away moisture.

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