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basd - Coffee Scrub Creme Brulee

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This natural, organic, coffee-basd exfoliator is rich in vitamins and natural oils to leave you feeling smooth and soft. chock full of antioxidants, this scrub will ensure you're more than ready to take on your day (and the world, let's be honest). Size: 6.3oz
Features & Benefits:
- Made from organic coffee! caffeine helps to create microcirculation to target acne, scarring, stretch marks and cellulite (yup, coffee can do that!). plus, grounds are fine enough to act as an incredible exfoliant. - Sea salt and coconut sugar help to further wash away dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of puffiness. - Organic sweet almond oil provides your skin with rich hydration, to leave it glowing and healthy.


organic ground coffee, organic sweet almond oil, purified water, sea salt, organic coconut sugar, vitamin e oil, organic orange essential oil, vanilla fragrance.

basd - Coffee Scrub Creme Brulee
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