Top products for men at terra20
Top products for men at terra20

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By Andrea Tomkins

Is your guy constantly “borrowing” your beauty and body care products? It seems to be a common issue in some households. Maybe it’s time to introduce him to some of terra20 best sellers for men.    

When establishing a skin care routine it’s a good idea to start with the basics – such as a cleanser and moisturizer – and go from there.  Andalou Naturals has all the bases covered! Take a peek at their new men’s line of products: Body wash, shave cream, post-shave lotion, and lots more. (Let the record show that I’m happy to share my Andalou aloe mint shower gel with my hubby as long as it doesn’t get used up!) These products are gentle and effective for all skin types and don’t contain ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. Want to try them before making the leap? The Andalou Get Going Kit for men is a good way to sample a few different products from the men’s line and it comes with a travel bag as well.

Saaboon soaps are all-natural, vegan soaps made in small batches from scratch and scented with 100% pure essential oils. No synthetic chemicals, foaming agents, artificial fragrance, artificial dyes, or preservatives here. Of course it goes without saying that soap is unisex. Anyone can use them (obviously!) but they are especially popular with men. Saaboon products are made in Ottawa too! Check out Saaboon’s all-natural shaving soap, made with Australian Red Clay and lightly scented with peppermint oil.

Speaking of shaving, there are already many fans of Dr. Bronner’s fair trade and certified organic bar soaps but did you know Dr. B has a line of shaving gels as well? They come in delectable lemon-lime, lavender, tea tree, and spearmint scents. Or if you’re sensitive, there is an unscented option as well!

Does your guy use hair pomade? Ottawa’s own Craigmont hair products (pomade cream, clay, or paste) are made from natural ingredients and give a manly “do” different degrees of hold and finish.

The men in our lives might also consider adding beard oil to their daily regimen. Beard oil softens and moisturizes facial hair and gives it a shiny and groomed appearance. Purple Urchin Lumberjack beard oil is a top seller, as are Buck Naked or Cocoon Apothecary. Whatever brand your guy chooses, it should be applied every day after the morning shower. It’ll help dry skin as well, which would be particularly welcome this time of year.


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