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Blustery winds. Freezing temperatures. Driving snow. Normally, Canadians are pretty good at making the most of winter, despite the harsh conditions. But when skin starts to get dry, itchy and blotchy, even the heartiest among us can find it a struggle.

We’ve put together five tips to keep your skin healthy, glowing and supple all winter long.


1. Butter Up to Winter

You might want to swap out your regular moisturizer for a more heavy-duty winter version that has thicker, natural emollients like shea butter or caster oil. Green Beaver's Breal Body Lotion contains both, and is vegan, gluten-free and free from harmful chemicals. Better yet, it relieves any itchiness while keeping your skin soft and smooth.


2. Humidity: It's Like Moisturizer for Your Home!

Humidifiers help put moisture back into the air. This is critical in the winter, as central heating and space heaters dry out the air – and our skin! Increasing the moisture helps combat dry skin, brittle hair and those annoying static shocks. It also reduces your chances of getting a cold or sinus infection. (Now that’s win-win!) Check out Crane Ultrasonic Humidifers!


3. Indulge in a Soothing Soak

Hot showers can actually remove essential oils from your skin, drying it out. Instead, opt for a warm shower or bath. And be sure that your soap or bath salts contain essential oils to help replenish your skin. Consider slipping a little Barefoot Venus Mustard Bath into your tub; it contains therapeutic bath salts, as well as wintergreen, eucalyptus and rosemary oils, and mustard seed powder.


4. Be Tender to Your Tootsies

With all that trudging through snow and ice, your feet need a little pampering too – particularly those hard-working heels! In the winter, once a week gently scrub away dry skin around the heels with a pumice stone. The foot’s thicker skin needs extra moisturizing; an excellent product for that is Shikai Borage Dry Skin Lotion which contains therapeutic borage oil and is clinically proven to relieve itchiness and promote healing at the cellular level.


5. Pucker Up for Lip Balm

The skin of your lips is thinner and more prone to cracking. Keep those lips luscious and kissable by applying lip balm every time you leave the house or office. Look for a lip balm that contains natural plant-based oils, to help hydrate your lips. I'm crazy about the Bare English line of lip balms, which are packed with goodness like candelilla wax, jojoba and almond oil, cocoa butter and Vitamin E. They’re also infused with tea, which supports the immune system, fights free radical damage and promotes cell rejuvenation. Not to mention, every single scent in the line smells amazing. Need we say more?


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