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How adding bath salts to your bath can be better for your muscles, skin and mood

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By Rebecca Stanisic

With salts, bubbles, essential oils, bath bombs and more bathing options, enjoying a relaxing bath can be more luxurious than ever before.

Without the exciting colours and hydrating oils of a bath bomb, or the lavishing look of bubbles, bath salt may sometimes get forgotten as a go-to bath product. But I think salts are underrated – Epsom salts have minerals and healing properties (new moms know all about a salt bath after having babies), and when combined with essential oils that promote sleep, relaxation, and mental alertness, bath salts are a powerful gift to yourself.

Here are some ways bath salts can be incorporated into your bathing routine, no matter the reason, and which products you may be in most need of.


How you feel: After my workout, my body is so sore!

Try: Purple Uchin Cypress Sea Salts

In this Purple Urchin mix, they use dead sea salts to help with your aching muscles, combined with Epsom salts for sore muscles. The essential oils used like basil, black pepper and thyme help promote relaxation.


How you feel: The weather is wreaking havoc on my skin. It needs a refresh!

Try: Bathorium Crush Charcoal Detox Soak

Organic activated bamboo charcoal combined with Epsom salts will help detox while soothing your skin thanks to the coconut milk.  Lavender essential oil is used to help with relaxing and sleep.


How you feel: My mind is tired after a long day of work

Try:  Barefoot Venus Mustard Bath

Detox your skin and relax your muscles thanks to the very popular Barefoot Venus Mustard Bath salt mix. Along with oils like wintergreen and eucalyptus, the Mustard Bath has rosemary to help clear your foggy mind.


Try: Anointment Recovery Mineral Bath Soak

Anointment's perfectly portioned recovery mineral bath soak featuring soothing peppermint and eucalyptus (to help with concentration) combined with Epsom salts will be just what you want to surround yourself with after a long, hard day.


How you feel: I am so tiredly lately and need to sleep better tonight

Try: Kismet Chill Black Lava Salt Soak

For many years, we have associated lavender with sleep time so this Kismet combination of lavender and rosemary will be the perfect end to a busy day and will quickly become a part of your nightly bedtime routine.

The next time you are running the hot water for your bath, reach for one of these products to ease achy, tired muscles and relax your mind.


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