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Healthy, inside & out! Our favourite glow enhancing foods

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By Andalou Naturals

At Andalou Naturals we believe that blending a healthy lifestyle with better-for-you skin care is the most effective way to look and feel and your best. Most of us follow a few basic rules to keep skin healthy: Wash our faces every night before bed to remove dirt and makeup accumulated throughout the day, use SPF daily to help defend against sun damage, and choose naturally formulated products that are free of harmful ingredients. These steps are essential to keeping your skin looking great, but it’s equally important to nourish your skin from the inside out.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite glow-enhancing foods.



These little gems are at the top of our list because they’re loaded with good fats, antioxidants, and vitamins that help nourish skin and hair. Avocados are also beneficial when applied topically since they can help plump, soften and smooth the skin which has us stocking up on them! Go ahead and load them up on your toast and in your medicine cabinet. And if you haven’t tried our Avo Coco Mask yet, you should! It’s so yummy you can almost eat it.



This tall, dark, and leafy green has us swooning over its vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and high iron content. These skin-friendly nutrients help keep a youthful glow and a suppleness to the skin.  



We can’t get enough of omega-3s and vitamin E in our diet, and popping walnuts, which are full of both, can help make skin smoother and eyes brighter. Plus they’re delish on top of a salad or yogurt.


Sweet Potatoes

As if we needed a reason to eat them, it’s just a bonus that they’re loaded with vitamin C which is an essential component to collagen production. Start substituting sweet potatoes in place of your fries or baked potato for a more nutritious alternative.


Our line of targeted skin care routines is thoughtfully formulated with ingredients that work especially for your unique skin type.



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