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Feb 11, 2022

Celebrating Black-owned brands

Here are four of our favourite beauty and wellness brands to shop

Celebrating Black-owned brands

It’s February, and that means it’s Black History Month! We proudly celebrate Black History Month in recognition of how integral Black Canadians have been in shaping Canada’s identity.


Black history in Canada dates as early as the 1600s with the arrival of African navigator and interpreter Mathieu Da Costa. Between then and now, Canada’s Black communities have been shaped by a history that includes colonial enslavement on what is now Canadian soil, Black Loyalists settling in Canada after the American Revolution, and the Underground Railroad. Among them have been business owners and entrepreneurs who paved the way for Black-owned businesses today.


At terra20, we’re proud to include diverse brands and products that enable everyone to thrive and prosper. Here are a few of the brands we’re proud to support.

Nia Pure Nature

Nia Pure Nature Inc. prides itself on its unwavering integrity. All Nia Pure Naturals products are 100% natural, organic, cruelty- and GMO-free, and vegan. It goes beyond simply adhering to organic farming standards by maintaining practices that regenerate the soil, protect biodiversity, and are fully ethical and sustainable. It is also fair trade and sustainable, operating in direct partnership with the farming families that grow and supply the botanical ingredients.

About Amina Badar, Founder & CEO

Amina had a career as a chemist and toxicologist, working for 15 years as a scientific evaluator for Health Canada before founding Nia Pure Nature. Amina’s mission to improve peoples’ health began in 2013, after three of her family members succumbed to cancer. Now that she’s a mother, Amina relies even more on the quality and high standards of Nia Pure Nature products to care for herself and her family.


Check out these Nia Pure Nature products, perfect for February:

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When we talk about products that hydrate our skin, this really is the cream of the crop. (Pun intended.) Its all-natural ingredient list includes organic Moringa seed oil and cupuacu butter, two hydrating superheroes. Apply once. Feel the benefits all day long.

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When it comes to caring for our skin, we can’t look past our eyes! The skin around our eyes is sensitive and susceptible to early fine lines and wrinkles. Combat aging and dryness with Nia’s Organic Moringa Eye Serum. Packed with oleic acid content and vitamins A, C, and E, it deeply penetrates the skin around your eyes to gently repair damage and dark spots, and naturally firm and replenish cells.

Twenty20 Skincare

Caring for the planet starts with the skin you’re in. Twenty20 Skincare focuses on using natural shea butter in all its products. Not only do Twenty20’s all-natural shea butter products work, but the brand’s mandate is to offer clear and simple products safe for us and our planet. As such, each product is sustainably made by hand in Canada, with fair trade, natural shea butter from northern Ghana.


About Elena Minnow, Founder

Elena Minnow was inspired to create her own shea butter products after visiting her grandmother’s hometown in Ghana. There, she discovered that her family had been using shea butter on their skin and hair for generations and found it relieved her eczema-prone skin. Once she returned to Canada, she wasted no time creating her own shea butter products in her kitchen, and Twenty20 Skincare was born.


Get ready to kiss winter goodbye with these Twenty20 products:

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Pucker up! This shea butter lip balm repairs and moistens for perfectly kissable lips.

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Be sweet to your skin with this Sweet Orange shea butter. Featuring notes of orange and chocolate, this body butter is a real treat!

Cup of Té

The best stories are told with a Cup of Té. This premium organic loose-leaf tea and tea ware retailer has been featured around the world (even Oprah loves it!) for providing the world’s finest tea. Each Cup of Té blend is naturally enriched with antioxidants without sacrificing flavour, so you can support your health and wellness one delicious sip at a time. The ingredients are sustainable, wholly organic, and ethically sourced. And the giving back doesn’t stop there: $1 from the sale of each Starter Kit is donated to mental health awareness. Now that’s sweet sippin’!


About Taylor Lindsay-Noel, Founder

Taylor Lindsay-Noel was an aspiring Olympic gymnast, but a devastating accident while training in 2008 left her paralyzed and in a wheelchair. But as Oprah said, it “didn’t stop her from dreaming big,” and Cup of Té was launched 10 years later with the goal of turning her situation into something meaningful.


Enjoy your own Cup of Té with these delicious customer favourites:

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You haven’t had a proper English Breakfast until you’ve had English Breakfast by Cup of Té. This organic black blend steeps red-gold with a smooth, hearty flavour and medium caffeination. Enjoy in the morning or have breakfast for dinner—the choice is yours.

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Soon to be your new favourite herbal tea, this is a refreshing and aromatic blend good for gut health and relaxation. Feel free to fall head over heels into your next cup!

Ellie Bianca

Ellie Bianca is holistic skincare at its finest. It’s proudly Canadian, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced skincare you can feel good about and feel good in. It’s also a socially conscious skincare line empowering women in business and education, from sourcing ingredients from women-led co-ops in Africa to running the Ellie Bianca Woman Scholarship for single mothers. It’s no surprise that this one-of-a-kind business is built on three pillars of kindness: kind to your skin, kind to the earth, and kind to women.


About Evelyne Nyairo, M.Sc., P.Biol., Founder

Evelyne was inspired to foster a world where every woman has equal opportunities to men after growing up immersed in Kenya’s culture of stark gender inequality. Inspired by her daughter and the resilience and beauty of the women in her community, Evelyne used her experience working globally in Environmental and Social Sustainability to establish Ellie Bianca.


Are you ready to love the skin you’re in? Treat your skin to this tried-and-true line:


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Bring the spa home! Natural Himalayan salts and lavender essential oils come together in a soothing blend to rejuvenate and rehydrate delicate skin.

Sold out

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? You don’t have to worry about it with Ellie Bianca’s rose-scented facial oil. Packed with organic essential oils, this facial oil combats hyperpigmentation and fine lines while wrapping you in the scent of gentle florals.


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